Samantha is a creative nonfiction writer with a simple goal: empower and support others to live wholehearted, intentional lives through self-awareness, personal development, and life choices that are fueled by a carefully defined "why" in line with one's values. She's written several articles with over 12,000 online shares for various online magazines.


Samantha makes sense of the world through careful articulation of words.  Much of her writing is inspired by her curiosity, adventures, and journey of understanding what it means to take responsibility for your life and create meaning out of it. Her approach to life is infused within her writing as well as her teachings. Though there's always plenty of room for play and humor, Samantha often gets lost in the more serious and complex issues of life that give it meaning. She finds great joy in inspiring others to embrace their one life, understand themselves, and to show up with courage and integrity so they may carry out their purpose.

Her other interests and hobbies include teaching & practicing yoga, photography, holistic health, recording & publishing videos, making earrings, drinking americanos, exploring and traveling, political issues, thought provoking conversation, women's empowerment, hiking & other outdoor shenanigans. She currently lives in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska.

a woman living a mindful and conscious life