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Issue 07. / Simplicity

Issue 06. / Embrace Process

Issue 05. / Perspective

Issue 04. / Let It Be Messy

Issue 03. / Success

Issue 02. / Find the Unknown

Issue 01. / Chaos & Order

Oh, hey there. I'm Sam.

I'm a writer, storyteller, and meditation guide who works to unravel and understand this dynamic human journey.

I'm compelled to empower and support others to live purposeful lives through self-awareness and conscious life choices. I interweave philosophical writing, introspective reflection, personal experience, and other forms of storytelling to speak to the power of living with a heightened sense of awareness and agency over one's life. What I create is often inspired by the teachings of nature, which have always helped me to understand and illustrate a particular way of perceiving various life experiences. I also offer occasional guided meditations, recorded talks, and other little creations to inspire the power of living consciously.


Personally recorded meditations between five and thirty minutes in length. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more.


A collection of blog writings & published articles over the years on topics like navigating uncertainty, rewiring your thought patterns, and more.


A free 30+ page workbook written and designed by me to help you bring critical awareness to seven main areas of your life.