© 2019 by Samantha Case


Hey. My name is Samantha.

I have been many things in my short life, many of which I shed at some point: a dedicated Christian, a feminist, a free spirit, a traveler, a spiritual junkie, a political activist, a yogi, and more. I've traveled many places, too: India, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Thailand, and others.

Through all my experiences, and amidst the labels that have come and gone, the only consistent thing that has remained is the core of who I am: a soul that wants nothing more than to live as closely as possible to the rawness of this life that exists beneath all the stories, labels, and walls we live within. Of all the places I've explored, I've learned there is no greater space to travel than our own minds.

My work is to never stop asking questions and to forever explore what it means to live a meaningful, intentional, and vulnerable life.