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September Writing Challenge

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Thanks, Samantha for Sponsoring this writing push!. I was at a writing conference the last two days and didn't write much. Nice to meet some new writers! Stay in touch.

  • Day 27 I did end up going into nature and ended up being able to write. It was amazing just to be out in nature.

    Day 28, 29, and 30 were skipped.

    Out of this challenge I got 24/30 days of writing done I believe that is better that I thought I would do. I learned from this challenge that you take days one day by a time. Give yourself grace you are only human. Remember God loves you very much and without Him all things are impossible. The days I struggled were days I was just in a weird mood.

  • Day 30! 🌼

    Last day of the challenge, but certainly not the last day of writing 20 minutes a day for me. Thank you, Sam for setting this up! ❤️

  • BJ

    Day 29 & 30 done!

    Annnnd today is the last day of this writing challenge!

    I'm really grateful to everyone who joined this challenge & stuck with it, even if you missed some days (I did!). I decided to put it together very last minute and was surprised by how many of you joined. Thanks for keeping me accountable to my writing practice, and for committing to yours as well. :) Through this challenge I realized what a difference 20 mins a day of writing can make, and that 20 mins really didn't feel like too much. Although I do think longer writing sessions would be really supportive for me as well.

  • BJ

    Day 29❤️

    My twins will be two years old tomorrow! I spent my time writing them letters, talking about their favorite things and all the things I think make each of them so special. I hope the letters will bring them joy later on in life.

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