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September Writing Challenge

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Samantha Case
August 31, 2023 · changed the group description.


This September Writing Challenge is a group that encourages a daily writing practice of at least 20 minutes for each of the 30 days in September.

Once you've written for the day, post in the group: a thumbs up, a quick "done," a summary of your writing experience, or anything else that feels appropriate to share as a way to let the group know that you wrote for at least 20 mins that day. (Accountability is powerful!)

As for what to write about: You have full rein! Choose to journal, work on a larger writing project, choose a certain topic, reflect on a question in your life, or let your consciousness just flow onto the paper.

You do not have to consider yourself a "writer" in order to participate. Journaling is a healthy practice for writers and non-writers to explore their thoughts. "Morning Pages" from Julia Cameron is one idea for a journaling practice.

The intention is to try to write at least every day--that's why the aim is only 20 minutes. But of course things happen, and we are not seeking perfection! Even if you miss a day, keep on keepin' on.

We will begin September 1st (but you can always join late). 😊

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    Welcome! This September Writing Challenge is a group that en...

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