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Turn off autopilot.

Show up for your life.

All humans are connected by a significant similarity: our deep desire to experience something meaningful and, especially, to live a meaningful life.


What defines “meaningful” is subjective to the opinions and characteristics of each individual, but one thing that consistently contributes to meaningful experiences is the act of weaving intention into every aspect of one’s life.


Being intentional requires an awareness of what’s below the surface of our behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, and choices.


If our lives are like vehicles moving through life, then intention is the engine that converts energy into motion.

Living with intention isn't about trying to control the future or forcing things to go your way. It means turning off autopilot and being fully present in your life while also being able to shift your sails to accommodate its unpredictable winds. Without intention, you risk drifting aimlessly through your short & significant life.

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