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May 1st, 2022

Weekly Wisdom Week 1

May 1st, 2022

Slow your life down with the magnifying glass of your awareness. Do away with all the plastic clutter that keeps it crowded, yet ironically hollow. Strip it to its fundamental framework of meaning. Dig your presence deep into the center of the things that actually mean something to you; that make a life worth living.

The passing of time is a gift to be honored by allowing it the opportunity to catch you and immerse you. You must stop running away in a race toward endings and outcomes in order for time to guide you deeper into all that unfolds in the meantime.

Slow down, gather a potent collection of what’s good in your life, and steep it into your being until like tea you are transformed through the process of infusion.

Give less of yourself to more things and you will drain your vitality through the holes of your life punctured by the pressure of obligation. Heavy yet hollow obligations.

Give more of yourself to fewer things, and the commitment of your presence to those things will dig a well of cyclical nourishment that will sustain meaning throughout your life.

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