Awareness of the Forces That Influence You

Imagine you’re on a stage and there’s an audience before you. You feel confused why you’re there. What is the performance? What is your role? As fear begins to rise, someone enters the stage behind you and the audience applauds.

Suddenly, your arms raise without your doing. You look up to realize there are strings attached to your limbs, which are also connected to the hands of the person behind you. You are the puppet, and the other person is the puppeteer.

As you involuntary perform before the audience, you look out to notice that they, too, are attached to strings. Do they realize it? If they do, you wonder, why are they enjoying your subservience, which is also their own?

The puppeteers in our lives may appear within a range of disguises: societal expectations, cultural norms, religious doctrine, or the people whose opinions we’re overly cognizant of. Various puppeteers control different aspects of our lives: our career, the choices we make, the beliefs we hold, and how we behave dependent on others’ opinions.