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Life is Movement

We find liberation through movement. Through movement the soul expands, the mind forms new connections, the body pumps fresh blood through its veins. Stagnation is a curse for the young. Move through the challenges, through the simple times, through the growth, through the uncertainty, through the heartbreaks, through the confusion, through the blissful moments. Move when...

The gas tank is full. Travel along a highway, any of them, feeling fulfilled by the view of the open, linear road laid out before you. The bliss comes less from the destination in mind and more with the mere act of going somewhere, of roaming into the world ahead, to cities, to mountains, to new coffee shops, to unfamiliar scenery. Even if just for a few hours.

The music blasts through the headphones into your ears and you become vulnerable to the unpredictable rhythms of the music, your limbs flying where they wish to go. You feel a surge of creative and sexual energy releasing from the tips of your fingers, from the beat of your heart, from the balls of your feet on the hard floor.

The sun rises, to flow through a yogic dance. You feel overwhelmed by the unknown strength that arises within you from the connection of breath with movement. With each stretch, twist, and bend, you open space for the closed and hidden parts of your being that spread when stress and negativity creep in.

Your feet strike the pavement and your chest pounds from the exhaustion of running. You feel powerful from your body’s ability to carry you forward from one location to another, from the pumping of your arms and the intentional movement of your legs.

In whatever way you wish. Move.


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