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Experiencing Weakness is Necessary for Growth

Anything you do with the intention of improvement requires that you endure a certain amount of exertion. Take push ups as an example. If you can do 15 push ups easily and you want to eventually do 30, the amount of push ups you do after 15 puts you into an “exertion range.” In that range you’ll struggle. You’ll feel crappy and think about quitting as your arms burn and shake, but it’s that range where you build a bridge between where you are and where you want to be. If you only did 15 push ups the rest of your life, you’d never make it to 30. It’s no different for emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth. In all of these realms, you must challenge yourself to the point of discomfort and maybe even pain as you expand your knowledge and potential. Your weakest areas provide your greatest opportunity for growth, and where you feel the least stable is a sign of stability to come. It’s easy to misinterpret the shakiness and fear and struggle as a reason to quit, but on the other side of your resistance is progress. With whatever feels hard for you now, persevere my friend. Your lesson will in time become your wisdom.


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