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Move With the Waves of Emotion

A few days ago I broke down and sobbed under the weight of my own stress and worry at this time. In one afternoon, it all washed over me and took me over. Through the tears, I was brought back to a post I’d recently shared about riding the waves of our emotions and reminded me that, as much as I didn’t want to be on the damn wave in that moment, all I needed to do was ride it out.

In tragedy, small or large, it’s like our lives get sucked out into the middle of the ocean where it’s terrifying and unknown and we’re wading in deep waters with no where to plant our feet. Out in the middle of the ocean the waves are massive—anxiety, grief, fear, and all the other difficult emotions feel more powerful the deeper the water.

But these waves have another purpose, too—they eventually carry us further away from the abyss. And wave after wave we get closer to the shore, where they become smaller and smaller until eventually we actually arrive on land. There, we look back at our experience with wisdom, understanding, acceptance, and a sense of freedom.

We’re not there yet, but we will be.

When the waves wash over me, or you, or our friends or family through this challenging time, the best thing we can do is ride them out. Emotions are energies that can only pass by being felt and released. In such a short time we’ve all been pulled into the middle of the ocean, and it’s hard. I have compassion for each and every one of as we face various challenges, collectively and individually.

Thankfully, even when it feels like we’re fighting tooth and nail for our own peace of mind, the waves aren’t here to hurt us. They’re not our enemy. They’re only here to teach us and carry us forward to a time of increased peace and understanding.

The morning after I felt that wave, I woke up rested and danced in my room. George Strait’s “Loves Gonna Make It Alright” shuffle played on my Spotify, and I moved my body with the same flowing rhythm as water. I couldn’t help but smile with joy, even for just a moment. It was just another wave, and I was there to ride it.

We’re all in these waves together, side by side, surfing into the shore.

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