Transitions & Transformations

The walls are white. Yesterday I stripped them of all the creativity and life that I’ve worked to create over the past two years. Place. It’s important to make a home out of a place, no matter how long the stay. Now it’s time for me to leave this home. Cardboard boxes filled with my few belongings take up a lot of space in this small apartment. It feels empty, but an emptiness that is ready to be filled with a new personality. I am ready to leave; ready to move on to the next temporary location. Temporariness is a state of being I find comfort in.

Things have happened so quickly in this small cowboy/hipster town. Maybe that’s a product of being 22. Just when I find my rhythm in a new direction it turns corners and I’m left searching for the meaning and lessons in it all. The meaning will arise; eventually it always surfaces. Life moves like a series of photos flashing in front of my eyes. I love it. For now, anyway. I dictate the speed of my own life (or maybe not). It’s a chaotic thrill trying to put all the pieces together. One moment I’m walking along the ocean on the east coast on a chilly February day. Goodbye is on my mind, and I know heartbreak is only a few words away. Knowing what you want at the expense of another is a difficult thing. Goodbye. From one love to the next. Goodbyes are difficult, but commitment and stagnation are sometimes more challenging. I feel shy admitting that my greatest lessons come from relationships. The stories we create with others are even more significant than the ones we create on our own. I am thankful for the relationships I have formed in this small town. It seems we don’t realize the impact people have on us until distance exists, but I’ve already discovered how special the people are that Laramie has introduced to me.


I’ll remember other things about Laramie, too, like spending end