Be Intentional About Your Beliefs & Choices

My family and I use to eat at buffets often when I was a child. I’d walk alongside my mom or dad, tightly holding a plate in my hands, as they scooped different foods onto it. Then I’d run the plate back to the table and eat whatever was there.

As I grew older and more able to make my own decisions about which foods I did or did not want on my plate, the concept of a buffet began to take on a more symbolic meaning.

Through life, we’re offered a buffet of choices to scoop onto our plate of beliefs: religious beliefs, what we believe is a meaningful life, what equation equals happiness, what’s right and what’s wrong, what we actually want and don’t want (and not what we think we want because someone else told us we should want it).

Truth is malleable and takes shape depending on what information we decide has power. When it comes to meaning, purpose, and wellbeing, there isn’t a single thread of truth that runs through the world. Success and happiness are vulnerable to the interpretations of the translator. Each of us are the translator between society and our own lives. We choose our own threads and weave together a fabric through which we view the world. <