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Finding Purpose In Relationships

Imagine all the people you cherish in life. Who fits into your close circle? Maybe it’s your parents, your siblings, your spouse, or your friends. They form your tight knit of support.

Now think of those outside your immediate circle. They might be coworkers, other friends, teachers, or acquaintances. That circle extends to eventually include everyone you’ve interacted with. It includes exes, past friends, and even those you met only once in your life. Does it seem like a wide net of people?

Set your circle aside for a moment.

You wake every day with 7.5 billion other people in this world.

Including those who have passed, there are 108 BILLION people to have ever lived on earth.

For perspective: a single billion is made up of a thousand millions. Do you understand how many people that is? Your circle of people is a microscopic sliver of that, and your close circle is even smaller.

Of everyone who has lived, who lives now, and who will live beyond you, you’ve had the fraction

of a fraction

of a fraction

of a chance

of meeting everyone who has crossed your path; of loving them and sharing your life with them.

Regardless of the fights, the annoyances and the wrongdoings, the people around you are incredibly special if only for the fact that the chances of them being in your life are inconceivable.

What an incredible phenomenon that we get to share our years on earth with such a fraction of everyone who has ever lived.


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