Nights of the Journey: Feeling Uncertain & Lost

When I travel, I often arrive at the destination after the sun has gone down. Everything around me is different, but the blackness that blankets the environment makes it challenging to see.

Despite arriving late, I still feel energized by the buzz of a new place. I sense my surroundings are completely different: new faces, new smells, new sounds. The streetlights offer brief and vague glimpses of what this new place looks like.

When I wake the next day, morning gives life to the area. The sunlight chases away the darkness and mystery. Suddenly, I can see everything.

A personal journey sometimes feels similar. The nights of our paths makes it difficult to see where we’re at or where we’re going. We know we’re heading somewhere, but with limited sight we move with uncertainty and timidity.

Along our journeys, we experience moments of both day and nighttime. Daytime offers clarity and insight. Everything is illuminated and we distinctly see our surroundings: