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Water the Seeds of Your Life for Long-term Fulfillment

Consistent and intentional effort is the key to an abundant and meaningful life.

What I mean is that your experience of life isn’t dependent on your circumstances as much as it’s dependent on how much of yourself you devote to those circumstances.

This lesson has been a theme in my life in the last few years, and growing a (simple) garden has made it especially apparent.

It’s my first garden and I’ve killed a few things, but it was clear from the beginning that if I were to grow anything at all I’d have to show up, prepare the beds, plant the seeds (or starts for beginners like me), water them, and generally care for them.

Not just once, but day after day.

This is so obvious in a garden. And although many life-things appear more complicated, what we receive (in our experiences, relationships, goals, etc.) is often contingent upon what we give.

Let me be clear what I mean by the word give. Give in a way where you are genuine in your intention to provide. Give with gratitude for the possibilities that await. Give with an open-hearted curiosity of what could happen if you really tried. Give with a pure understanding that life is built on reciprocity and interconnection. Give with a surrendered realization that a meaningful life is simply the result of consistent, intentional, and patient cultivation of the things that matter.

Only in this way will you receive meaningful and abundant gifts—not things that are material and short-lived, but only the things that can bring genuine and lasting joy to your life.

Regardless of what you have, nothing will flourish in your life if you aren’t devoted to the potential within those things. You have a choice:

1. Complain about the seeds you have.

2. Plant a bunch of seeds and not continue to show up, resulting in a lot of disappointment and dissatisfaction. (This has been my pattern in the past. 🙋🏻‍♀️)

3. Plant what you have and be devoted to consistently cultivating every bit of what those things have to offer.

Your relationships, jobs, goals, etc. are only seeds in the ground until they’re cared for.

You will never know the possibilities of your life until you show up and care for what it offers you.

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